Got fired earlier today.... I had a feeling it was coming but was hoping it wouldn’t.

I really liked the job and the work. It was difficult for me at times because the job demanded medium to advanced linux skills and knowledge for just about every issue. And I’m still a complete newbie to Linux. But I was learning new things constantly because it was a challenge.

But they said that my skills weren’t up to snuff for them or their clients, so instead of investing in training they let me go. I’m sure there’s big company politics at play and someone (or multiple people) higher up would probably rather just hire someone that already had the skillset they were looking for than invest time and money into training.

I don’t wish them any ill will. Even though I’m thoroughly pissed at the situation I’m in now.

I believe that I was a really engaged employee and driven to learn and strived to be better than I was, but I guess that didn’t matter. Or maybe it just didn’t matter enough...

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    keep going man
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    sorry to hear, sometimes, to be perfectly honest, laziness comes into play and they may not want to invest the time like you say. I don't quite understand the money aspect because the salary difference between an intermediate vs senior is pretty big, but I'm not sure how much it costs to train.
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    Experiences, good or bad, make you better. Soldier on.
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    As someone that’s been let go from a lot of roles for varying reasons, most coming swiftly off the back of a lip-service initial response to my ailing mental health, I feel your pain.

    Keep on truckin’. Onwards and upwards.
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    Get the skills, and put them to good use in the next, much better, and better paying next gig.
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    Been there. I feel for you. Got fired for the same reason only 3 weeks in. Their tech test upon hiring me was flawed and gave a false positive. Plus I’m “old” (past 40, which is ancient in my market) so they discriminated. Do freelance jobs to build skills and try again.
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    Life has better plans for you bro...

    Keep moving forward...
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    But they knew you didn't have those skills yet before they hired you right?
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    Where do you live?
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    Don't give in, life is full of rejection but you will find a employer that respects you one day.
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    Heads up! You've made your experiences. And if one door closes another one opens; this has always proven true for me and will do for you, too!
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    Don't give up! All the best for your future ✌🏻
    @Linux it says california in his profile
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    Yeah, I’ve been a Winblows admin for like 5 years leading up to this gig and had minimal experience with linux prior to this job. (You know how most companies are an all Microsoft shop) I didn’t get a lot of “work related” opportunities to really develop my linux skills, but I messed with projects at home and tried to get linux into the office at previous jobs. At home did simple things like raspi webserver or a minecraft on ubuntu in vbox type thing. One of the bigger linux things that I did at a previous job was setup a CloneZilla server for imaging our laptops and desktops for our helpdesk guys. All of this was disclosed during the 4-5 separate interviews I had with various team members and leadership. I never claimed to be a pro or even intermediate at linux. I’ve learned tons while there and will definitely keep learning and using it moving forward. I was at this job for 11 months and compared to some people that I worked with, I still consider myself a noob.@Codex404
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    @Linux I’m here in Southern California, not LA but close by.
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    Thanks Everyone!

    I really appreciate the kind words and motivating support. I’m definitely gonna keep up with my studies as I really want to continue getting my skills beefed up with Linux and various DevOps tools. The place I just left was super heavy on Chef and Stacker. The automations I saw that could be done with linux and those tools just astounded me (a guy coming from one company to another always using Windows with zero automation.)

    I know that some of the DevOps tools out there are OS agnostic and can be setup for cross platform tooling which I’m super excited to get into.

    I’m still pretty bummed about the whole situation but I’m trying to just remind myself that it’s done now and I can’t change it so all I can do from here is push forward.

    Seriously everyone, thank you all for the kind words, I think I really needed to hear them 😊
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