The feeling, when you realize that devRant uses PHP as main language... priceless..

haters gonna hate :D

Thanks, @dfox

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    how did you realized 😦
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    no its not
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    How do you know?
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    It actually uses JavaScript, not PHP.
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    well I look at the about page of the app(latest android app at least) the tech stack, php7 listed in the front row, first..

    also yeah I realize that the app is done in JavaScript, which is obvious (if you think you can build front end and/or mobile app in PHP you kind of need to get you shit together)

    Proof: http://imgur.com/oTgNGiN
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    😭😭😭😭😭😭 noooo
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    Ah, that's probably why devRant has been pretty slow now a days. It times out a lot.

    #jk @dfox is the best 😆
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