I met my old school friends today. One of them was apparently showing off his programming skills too much(let's call him X). So much that he(friend X) was comparing Linus Torvalds with himself. And he was telling us that Linux is best because there are so many DEs and customisations and blah blah.

So one of my other friend Y(who's not into computers much) asked him to install Ubuntu on his laptop while we were sitting in cafe.(Y wants to play with command line mainly this semester according to him) So he started complaining that he does not have ISO with him and trying to avoid it.

I said I have kubuntu iso he can flash it right away. Then he(X) said "Kubuntu is too complex for him(Y)".(me in mind : " yeah, just because its a. DE, it becomes complex") So I searched in my phone (faked the search, basically renamed kubuntu iso to Ubuntu iso lol) and gave him " Ubuntu " iso

And this "pro developer" installed that on his laptop and after installation was completed he said that "OMG DUUUDE UNITY IS DEAD, EVEN UBUNTU SWITCHED TO KDE AS DEFAULT DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT, ITS COOL".


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    I detest fake people who think that just because they have have heard of something and used it superficially they are experts in it. One of my such friends ended up deleting grub
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    Yeah... That's really annoying, there's no shame in not knowing even simple stuff, if it's never come up before why would you be expected to know it...

    Looking at you stackoverflow
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    first of all, how the fuck did @seraphimsystems get so damn much ++'s o.0

    Second: and this is exactly why I already have a single trip train ticket to Poland (if you know what I mean) at hand when somebody starts bragging about his "skills"
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    @FinlayDaG33k I would rather send them to Albania you know.
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    @Daveloper Also an option :^)

    How did you get so much ++'s!?

    WTF IS GOING ON @DFOX!?!?!?!

    Edit: I just realized that those ++'s translate to the actual amount in binary
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    Wait for a few minutes.

    need you here.
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    Sorry, but I don't get it. Even if X doesn't know much about linux distros, how does that disprove his programming skills. Also, he did install the OS successfully but was surprised to not see Unity. Maybe he thought this to be true. X sounds like a cocky asshole, but based on your story I can't really tell if he's "poser".
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