Developed an android app for the client. It was going great. Prototype for the initial (and static) content to show to the client was on the way. All until...

*goes back in time to when we were developing the prototype*

The asshole boss: "Wow this is good, just remove the login after the splash screen. Redirect it to the dashboard immediately."

Me: "What? Why?"

TAB: "He (the CEO of our company) said that the client doesn't need to see the login."

Me: "Well, alright." (Orders are orders, better remove it)

*A few days later, we present the prototype to the CEO. He'll be the one talking to the client. TAB isn't in this meeting.*

CEO: "Where is the login screen?"

Me: *dumbfounded and confused, in silence, and pressure rising*

The Good Boss: *whispers* "Where is the login screen? I thought I told you guys it should be there."

Me: *whispers* "TAB told us to remove it."

TGB: *Looks toward CEO* "TAB told us to remove it."

CEO: "Ugh. TAB is sick."

A little giggle. Nonetheless the meeting continued. He was displeased. I was a little guilty. The login screen's code was already there. Just couldn't show it since the app doesn't redirect there anymore.

*A discussion after the meeting*

TGB: "Why'd you guys remove the login?"

Me: "You and TAB had a meeting with the CEO the other day. After the discussion TAB went to us and told us to change it."

TGB: "But the CEO said no such thing! Anyway, let's go back to the office and straighten this out tomorrow."

*The next day, TAB was in the office*

TGB: *Chatting on messenger with me* "He is completely denying it."

Me: "WHAT?"

TGB: "He said he never told you guys anything. And he is persistent. I kept telling him it was his fault, but he denies all of it. He never approached you guys to change anything."

Me: "Well yeah. I guess we magically thought to ourselves and said, 'Hey, let's remove the login screen for fun. Let's show them less content because that's how we please our clients!' -_-"

Seriously, what kind of assholefuckery is this. This shit is a whole new level. I am so TRIGGERED.

I don't really care that the meeting didn't go as planned. Just MAN UP AND ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE YOU FILTHY SON OF A GOOSE. Never listening to this asshole again. Thought he could be trusted. I will always ask my good boss next time.

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    Now THIS is a rant! But seriously, that’s messed up. It’s scary when people with TAB’s lack of backbone end up in leadership positions.

    (Also, I love your choice of tags for this.)
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    @ZethMatthews It's a sad world we live in. It's frustrating
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    Woops. Didn't complete my sentence. What I meant was that it's frustating to deal with a boss that doesn't own up to his mistakes.
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    @kimchiStainz a stupid fucker without a backbone.
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    Insist on all future instructions from TAB be in writing. If TAB is not willing to write instructions, email him confirming verbal instructions. Do not let this slimy fucker think he can get away with this kind of behavior!
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    That's really I N F U R I A T I N G
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    @kimchiStainz The asshole boss (shortly TAB) - a placeholder to keep the asshole boss' name private
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    What did we learn?
    Only take tasks that are docimented somewhere, optimum wouldnbe if there id a ticket for it, second best is email, worst is chat. But have it documented somewhere.
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    We make sure such changes are documented in emails, MoMs etc, so that we can point fingers with evidence later.
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    That's the sole reason i want a mail for every changes i need to do in production.
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    I guess you could say.. TAB spaced
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    @cjbatz cc: CEO, TGB
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    welcome to office politics.

    record every future meeting you have with ceo, but be sure to tell him, like "I need to record this meeting, one sec - *turn app on* " ok. Act like its NOTHING, like breathing. If he asks why, just say, because you want to make sure you don't misunderstand him again, then look him in the eyes, confidently, and say NOTHING. have a staring contest, let him speak first.

    They are lucky to have YOU, not the other way around.

    don't let them walk over you

    makes me sick to see programmers get treated like this
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    Any rant that uses “filthy son of a goose” deserves my ++
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    Surely you have the email or whatever where he asked you to delete it?
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    This is an opportunity to learn another acronym: CYA

    (Cover Your Ass)
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    @Gogeta70 I have a folder in my email called CMA...
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    tl;dr comments, moral of this rant: NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING IF IT WAS NOT SENT VIA EMAIL

    Even if the CEO asks for it, tell him to send the damn email!
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