my friend sends this to me on WhatsApp😣

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    on Whatsapp?? well, isn't that ironic.
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    @balte Yeah, I even thought the same before posting the rant 😶
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    Idk they're both basically vigilantes acting with total disregard for society and doing anything in their personal power to forward the military industrial complex, so I'd say they're pretty similar. Minus the heat vision.
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    @balte whatsapp was bought from facebook or am i wrong?
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    Correction: slavery of personal information
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    @goodJVM who's your wallpaper???
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    @c3ypt1c Chester Bennington
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    He saves our personal information... IN HIS OWN FUCKING DATABASE SO HE CAN ABUSE IT!
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    @DefiniteGoose @Tobey What the goose said, that's the main reason I quit WhatsApp back then haha
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    One is fictional and one is very real
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