Me: Enters SQL class
Prof: We will draw ERD diagram on awwapp
Me: (In my head - I hate ERD diagrams) start drawing the first ERD diagram
Prof: That diagram is wrong
Prof: opens SQL Activities_Solution.pdf on his PC
Me: Tried to change the file name on aws to get solution file - fail
Copy SQL Activities.pdf file url (https://url/courses/6429/...). Adds 1 to 1100726 = 1100727 and downloads SQL Activities_Solution.pdf
Open PDF in one tab and awwapp on another and just draw the solution
Prof: Are you sure this diagram is corect?
Me: (In my head - I copied the solution so yes) ...
Prof: Let me check the question
Me: (In my head - seriously? you don't know the answer)
Prof: Checks the correct answer on his PC and then checks the answer on my PC
Me: (In my head - completed another boring uni class) pack up and go home

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    Is this cheating? No. You earned it.
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    I've almost never found diagrams useful. Screw them.
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    @hack the prof. doesnt know sql. He looks at his papers to write simple SELECT query and things removing a space can fix sql errors
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    Graph database. Schema on read, bitches!
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    Why does everyone pick bad courses for their program? I mostly loved all my courses I had.
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    @raldo94 our lecturer for SQL is great but not the lab prof.
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    I once watched someone do an ERD ... It made their entire data organisation make sense at a glance... I was quite impressed.
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    Entity Relationship Diagram diagram
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