Black hoodie + htop = pro hacker 😂 HBO logic

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    The more screens that are black with green text, the more legit you are.
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    sudo apt install hollywood && hollywood
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    Programmer Hacker Starter pack.
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    You live and die by the terminal.
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    At least they got the caffeine/coffee thing correctly 😂
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    @sleepyDevHead they got a lot right on that show.

    Or do you guys think hacking is smashing animated padlocks and flying through chomping skull faces?
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    @SSDD Hacking is obviously like the hacking scenes in Hackers (1995) 😂
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    @sleepyDevHead Real hacking is Hugh Jackman typing at high speed to crack government servers within 1 minute while having a gun pointed to his head and his dick being sucked by a hooker.

    Movie: Swordfish
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    O! Don't forget to add the non-existent gui shell that's half holo theme AND the all keyboard navigation that somehow works better than a mouse but remains x11 compositer based throughout.
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    Wait, this is a legit hacker. It’s when they went to Russia and film actual hackers and some of the hacking events
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    I don't get what's on the middle screen.. hares status [vx resources' status]? Some log file? ...?
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    Grey hoodie
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    Changed CMD text to green
    Ran an infinite loop
    Showed it to my lil brother
    I his new god 😎
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    Yesterday I watched a movie in which a robot was rescued from jail by writing a Python script that finds prime numbers.
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    I stg they're just running top on the left screen.
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    I'd rather have Elliott's desk anyway.
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