Boss: we are going to build a blockchain. ( he is smiling proudly)
Me: we are doing data visualization boss!!! Why we need the blockchain?!?!?
Boss: I am disappointed in you!!! You don’t read any Tech news or follow the market trends? BlockChain is tending nowadays... ( showing angry emoji using his face)
Me: it is not related to our work by anything!!! What we will visualize? A success of the transition? The amount of it? A visualization of the nodes?
Boss: (shouting) there are a lot of opportunities using the BlockChain in our days, and it is critical to our business...
Me: boss, there many opportunities using the ******* BlockChain, and I am leaving this company by the end of the month... find a ******* BlockChain developer to visualize the ******* process...
Boss: ........ (silence)
Me: .... (already resigned)

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    New Dev: so why did * Me * left?

    Boss: he could not keep up with the new trends
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    he had a talk with non-IT friend, so he's trying to sound that hw knows everything.. I know this kind of morrons
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    I remember my ex-boss mentioning 2 thing constantly to sound cool: AI and Big Data. Man I fucking hate him.
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    your reply for his "I'm disappointed in you" should have been:

    - I'm disappointed in you!!! you don't study to know what those trends are for? blockchain is a database nowadays... (with the same voice tone)

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    Omg, this is so true. Worked for an integration company once. The ceo wouldn't stop talking about BigData and how cool it is. He even convinced the clients that that's what we gonna use. I was sitting there fighting the urge to explain the issues there. Years passed. Now I hear Blockchain stuff. Like really?
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    @TommyV93 same shit, just another buzzword (:
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    @xewl let's take bets for the next one :D Tensorflow perhaps? :D
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