I couldn't hate working with CSS more.

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    @Alice to be fair, I would say it's a combination of my incompetence with it and the fact that I almost always land on projects that have vast amounts of (couldn't say whether good or bad) CSS written. It feels like a mess I can't properly handle.
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    get it your way with www.postcss.org
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    I fucking hate it and I am not incompetent. I just find absolutely no pleasure in it whatsoever. I would much rather fuck around with the server or make sure that my angular output is as spiffy as needed and have a dedicated designer make it look gorgeous.

    I hate this "software developer means you do eeeeverything bs"
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    CSS? Better start using SCSS or LESS 😉
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    @PonySlaystation the only benefit of scss I ever found was variables for persistent styling (colours, widths ect)

    Seeing as CSS now comes with the :root selector I can do this anyway, plus I don’t need to run a ruby script every time I want to compile it back to css, and yes I know you can have it listen for file changes.
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    @C0D4 I find it useful for things like working in pixels but outputting rems or ems, applying fluid sizing to stuff (see my function here: https://github.com/garrettw/vitals/... ), and taking the drop shadows that designers apply in Photoshop and easily converting them to identical CSS box-shadows.
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    @heyheni will check that out. Thanks!

    @PonySlaystation already using SCSS but no great difference. Guess I just need to get better at it.
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    @Unobtainium It is very useful with all the possibilities it delivers.
    Example: We generate classes for responsive grids with for loops, mixins and functions.

    I think just with nesting, my productivity is +100% compared to plain CSS.

    I know of a web company close to ours, where devs still edit plain CSS on the server with an FTP text editor, no Git... 😅
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    Grid everything, media query like.. all the resolutions and and.. z-index stuff and border radius, nth`s the children and and and... *Breath*.. back to bootstrap 🦆
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