I’ve been thinking lately, what is it that devRant devs do?
So after a couple of days of pulling data from devRants API's, filtering through the inconsistent skill set data of about 500 users (seriously guys, the comma is your friend) i’ve found an interesting set of languages being used by everyone.

I've limited this to just languages, as dwelling into frameworks, libraries and everything else just grows exponentially, also ive only included languages with at least 5 users out of the pool.
sorry you brainfuck guys.

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    Aren't they all in the dotnet framework ??
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    @CozyPlanes .NET could be covering
    ASP aswell 🤷‍♂️

    But yes you’re right, I could probably merge them but what ever.. or not there goes the edit window

    Windows devs doing the same thing differently and all 😔
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    I like this. Nicely done sir.
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    @lelp maybe with a bigger pool of users I could find some more GO devs.
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    kotlin is so small still
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    But lot of people here seem to dislike JavaScript and PHP🤔
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    Js is top? No wonder why they're here
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    Strangely and yet this suggests otherwise.

    I might up the pool size over the next few weeks and redo the numbers based on a larger pool and see what happens.

    Suppose I can deploy something to my Rpi to pull out rants and users.
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    Gotta love contradiction.
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    It’s a drop it in the bucket, hard to get good coverage of devRant especially when everyone fills in the skills differently 😔

    Any suggestions to making this useful?
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    Awesome! PowerShell has “some” users besides just me 😆
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    Compare languages of user against number of rants
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    @C0D4 correlate language with rant topic using tags.
    Should be easy enough
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    @C0D4 also, since the language stats are declaratives (not mandatory and therefore sparse) is there any way we could get the same graph you did but compared to the total of devRant users?
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    @Commodore this will take some time, I don’t particularly want to bash the APis for every user, the IDs go into the millions, so I’m tracking recent rants and comments to correlate users or at least active users.

    I’ll have to port this to my raspberry pi for continuous polling for user data to get a comprehensive list of skills and users and try and make sense of the skills data.
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    @C0D4 lol fair point, hadn't thought of that 😁
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    Powershell wtf?
    Nice work though
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    Huh. Interesting.
    Needs a wayyy bigger dataset though.
    If you need help with the API, just ask.
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    Yea a bigger data set is needed, but for an initial idea it’s interesting the number of JS devs over everyone else.

    I’ve got the endpoints I need to make this work, but thanks for the offer.

    The devrantdocs repo made life that much easier before it stopped working 😂
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    It's just like the Pareto Principle. Nature is everywhere.
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    @AlexDeLarge then I’ll do it for the interest.

    Mind you this would be a lot easier if we just had polls 🤔
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    @CozyPlanes C#, VB.Net, R#, and some more are just the main tools to utilize the .NET framework. But they aren't limited to it. You can use them without, like Unity3D does. The framework just provides many ready to use and mainly scoped to windows (excluding .net core here) functions, helpers and basic data structures etc.
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    No dart?

    Am I allowed to make requests for v2?
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    @ewpratten I’ll have a V2 in the next couple of weeks.

    I have a Rpi mining out profile data (slowly) to give me a more meaningful pool of users (V1 was for 500 users just to get an idea)

    Then I’ll need to filter through all the skills and get some stats together, I’ll include every language spotted so will need to make a page or a very big chart to display everything.
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    Also. Be careful. I'm pretty sure it is against devrants rules to scrape data without permission from dfox or trogus.
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    @ewpratten I did check the rules but didn’t spot anything specific to api usage 🤷‍♂️

    Yo @dfox do you have any issues with a bot pulling skills and user ids from the APis to produce a more meaningful version of this chart?
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    Seems no one is using Ada beside me 😶
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    PowerShell FTW!
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    I find it surprising that there is no elixir, go, or rust... but good job dude 👏🏻👏🏻
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    Perl made it! Incredible 😅
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