Teacher asks me to join him for a web app development.

First stages, I have to dig deep into a framework I don't know (He doesn't know it too, and I know that learning is the only way to step through)

Month goes by, began developing some mock-ups, he says he didn't like it, sends me a website made in fucking Wix. Seriously?

Fast forward another month, tonight I'm coding some stuff, he stills doesn't know how to fucking use Yii. fml

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    teachers usually know less than a good/passionate student. why would you work with a teacher on a project?
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    @kargaroth to be honest, I need the money to solvent my studies, but damn, I never thought it would be this bad
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    The idea sounded promising. Teacher should have focused more.
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    @Jumpshot44 Yeah, but well, I hope this ends soon so I can move focus to more important projects
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