What you guys think someone with a IQ of 10000 can do?

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    write an understandable php code
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    The said person would be sensible enough to post this on /r/AskReddit
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    Surely smart enough to not ask this question and well he would know that he is just imaginary since you cant have that IQ.
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    @Haxk20 depending on the scale xD
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    Well, IQ is traditionally used to determine the mental age of a child at 10 years old. A 120 IQ would mean that they had the mental capacity of a 12 year old. A 10,000 IQ would mean that they had the mental age of a 1,000 year old. So, interpreting the current test very litteraly, they wouldn't be alive.
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    Cheat on IQ-tests ?
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    s/someone/some AI/
    s/IQ/equivalent IQ/
    #and now?
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    Now is standardized at a normal distribution into their age, when 100 is the mean and 10 or 15 is the standard deviation
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    be able to watch rick and morty
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    shift+delete people

    cause an orgasm with their mind

    communicate direct experience

    convince others of superiority and play puppet master with the human race to launch it forward

    win an internet argument
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    And how about it is in a AI lab, constantly in debugging mode, it can (for now) only access localhost, and only can achieve this huge IQ by bot-neting almost all Internet?
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    Lie about his IQ.
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    Someone with 200 will already be the smartest person arround.
    With 2000? He knows the meaning of life, and the answer to the answer 49.
    10k? He probably doesn't even see the material world as we do... He's probably creating new solar systems and races arround the milky way jus and for kicks
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    @Phonzi no...
    Average iq is 90... Most politics and the best academic teachers have between 120 and 150. Between 150 and 200 your a geneus...
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    The average IQ on most tests is set at 100, and typically anything above about 140-145 is considered genius. Also, the link you posted has some misleading ideas... It wasn't actually listing the 12 people with the highest IQs ever recorded; the lowest would definitely not be in the 150s. It lists 12 people notable for their intelligence, and lists their IQ. Intelligence and IQ often correlate but are different concepts.
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    @Phonzi I miss read your post, about the part relating the age...
    So, when I was 6 I was rated 160 qi, at age of 12 I was rated 120s, (all memory based). Now cause of burn out I'm probably bellow 80... What does that tell about me?
    Real question. Bad day, confused can't relate stuff well
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    I just want some realistic hypothesis for my Sci-fi story
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