Finally, after 3 tries and lots of experimentation, I have set up the arch system. I am in "deep" love with deepin desktop environment.
P.S. - Still finding a good web browser though firefox sucks so bad right now plus the fonts are super bad.

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    Noto fonts are pretty much enough for standard deepin.
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    Try Vivaldi, if that doesn't quench your thirst, look into one of the open source browsers like Gnome Web.
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    Gratz on getting it going! Yeah, no idea what's up with the current Mozilla build, but my god the ram usage...


    Vivaldi is life. =D
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    If you like Vim(-like) keybindings, try qutebrowser.
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    What, why would FF suck? Firefox is 👌
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    Also: try neofetch instead of screenfetch
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    For terminal, I find Fira code and iosevka to be great choices for fonts 😁
    For Windows, I guess Ubuntu fonts can work, but even that can b covered by Fira or iosevka... just check them out 😁😁
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    FF doesn't suck. The current build does. There seems to be another memory leak. Or at least, that's what I'm experiencing on 2 computers.
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    I like Brave a lot. Integrated Ad blocker and some other nice features. Also runs on chromium.
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    @theKarlisK I use the browser for several months now. I'm really addicted to their "Rocker-Gestures" ( = Mouse gestures with rightclick and drag).

    I can't remember when I last used the back-button of the browser.
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