PHP in 2030 :D

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    Beware of the php-devs
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    @LastDigitOfPi they are in school now :D
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    @meltdown non php dev that trash talk with no valid argument :)
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    actually this makes sense for Java, cause every little kid wants to create android apps
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    @meltdown PHP was abbreviation of "Personal Home Pages" and was designed to make simple, small dynamic webpages. It grew exponentially to programming language, which was not creator intention. Because of rapid and semi-controlled grow, it is very strangely designed, without consistency (some functions are snake_cased, somearespaceless). It is also tightly connected to php.ini which can be source of real, hard to debug problems (where other dynamically typed languages mostly start from the clean state)
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    @alkuzad so now we are telling whats wrong with language $language to people who are working with $language?
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    @webdev and what is your problem with that ?
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    @alkuzad nah, nothing, just wanted to point out a paradox :D
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    @meltdown IMO it's not opinionated enough, and the things that it is opinionated on are pretty bizarre. It's possible to have a clean PHP code base, but it's DEFINITELY not required, and the majority of PHP code floating around is pretty gross. I've done a lot of work with PHP and I still sometimes run into code where it works, but it's completely baffling as to how it could possibly work because the code is so awful. Plus there is absolutely 0 consistency in the standard library. Naming conventions, parameter order, data types -- none are consistent, it's all on a case-by-case basis.
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    PHP is a total mess on all fronts: https://eev.ee/blog/2012/...

    You're free to use it but saying there's nothing wrong with it is being ignorant.
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    Should be F# (yes, they exist)
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    Ah, the daily routine.

    1. Post "PHP is bad" meme

    2. Someone asking "Why is PHP bad"

    3. People linking to blog articles with examples of how bad PHP is.

    4. Someone saying "PHP is not bad at all, if you only hire perfect unicorn senior devs who were bred as clones and communicate their coding standards using telepathy"

    5. Developers saying you should probably hire teams which have 20 years of experience with esoteric strict languages with steeper learning curves like Rust and Elixir.

    6. I'll see you guys in the comments of tomorrow's meme!
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    People saying shit about PHP on devrant which is coded on PHP. Iron is depleting but irony is going nowhere.
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    @bitsnpieces devrant backend is maintained by one guy. Every language is perfect if you do not have to collaborate :D
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    Php is so bad but javascript is cool has been designed to be used on backend as nodejs, has high coding standards.. you can point to a lot of blogs which will tell that javascript can do everything.. it is just perfect language to write code for anything and no way to write bad code because of high coding standards which will not let you to do so!
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    @rim01 pointing my gun right now
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    -Php Developer
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