fuck you whatapp for not formatting the links properly and not displaying the entire links

I lost my referral bonus due to this 😥

*It did displayed it properly on the WhatsApp web version but it fucked up on the phone version*

see for yourself people,

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    Use bitly
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    Fuck man!😂😂
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    I don't know but often it happens with me too.
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    So they sanitised a link and you're upset?
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    @seraphimsystems OneDrive gives you 500 MB for every user who sign up using your ref link, so I guess he is.
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    Just tap hold the link and it Will copy it. You are welcome
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    @JS96 oh... Which is a shame because up until a month ago I could have given him 1TB free for a year...
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    Protip: avoid whatsapp.
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    Even the bold tool tip doesn't work seamlessly across the desktop app and the mobile app. It's the and company ffs, maintaining the desktop and mobile app. Make sure that the messages that you process at one place is consistent on the other. 🐮
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