How did no one @ the Onedrive team not spot this before being put to production?

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    It's microsoft, what did you expect?
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    @darksideplease At first I expected it not to work.
    It working brought a smile to my face. Which was quickly followed by a huge *face palm* moment once I saw the placeholder text.
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    Shit happens, you know. It's just a bug. Ugly, yes but only a bug.
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    Messages for i phone
    You know how they like to i everithing. It s like an "iSign in here"
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    @monzakaz I think the question is, "why is there a text box at the bottom that says 'iMessage' in the OneDrive app"
    Not, "What is iMessage".
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    Do you even QA bro?
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    ++ for field test mode
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