DevRant has evolved into a mutation of /r/programming, /r/programminghumor, and /r/linuxmasterrace

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    Well it's a community for developers, so doesn't /r/programming make sense?

    While the intent of the app is to rant and destress, a good chuckle never hurts. So a sprinkle of /r/programminghumor makes sense.

    And /r/linuxmasterrace? Well 🤷🤷
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    Now this is original stuff. 😂😂
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    You mean a repost of /r/programminghumor.
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    That was sort of rude. :/
    I don't think OP was trying to insult dR.
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    @Jifuna You know theres an uninstall button? You can also use the filter options if you want to be less of a whiney baby. No offense but these type of comments irritate me.
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    There is a reason this exists...
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    So it hasn't changed is what ur saying
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    Set your filters properly and you'll not be bothered again.
    I live a happy life since all memes and uncreative reposts are filtered out from my feed.
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    @kungfucat lmao something like that.

    @Michelle, @Nifled idk what the other person said (Guess it's been deleted), but certainly no insult was intended.

    @AlgoRythm yeah basically

    @PonySlaystation I don't mind them per-se, so I don't filter them. I just would guess that most posts would fall under either the "meme" or "repost" categories.
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