Friend asked me this:
"So if PHP is that bad, why there are still so many job offers for PHP devs?"

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    Because everybody wants somebody else to manage their php code
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    My because:

    - Technology enviroment inertia -> big companies having big php projects, unable to refactor it

    - It's an old standard
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    @AlpineLinnix Same as with JS
    And older tech which does not enforce good practices so many inexperienced developers build bad code.

    But just as with JS you can build good code, its just more up to you to keep in line.
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    @Voxera and in inexperienced I include veterans that just do not wish to improve ;)
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    that's a great question

    like you said, it's old


    which is why im so against new languages, libraries and frameworks, or w/e you want to call new software, all the frickin time.

    ppl want to fix things with replacements instead of fixing or getting good at shit.
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    i just read this thing earlier "blah blah...easier for ppl who aren't wizards at bash scripting"

    maybe - you should be a frickin wizard at bash scripting? just trying to avoid coding by using something "simpler" yet bloated in the background.
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    look at fintech, there are loads of cobol apps, still, and there are literally no devs. I assume that we will have "the same problems" with younger technologies getting older.
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    This tweet about major Microsoft online apps written in react shocked lots of devs.

    Lots of "devs" say PHP is bad. JS is bad.
    But the world is not built with only devs.
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    @AlpineLinnix I know, just as modern JS is something else than IE6 version

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    If rats are such a pest why are there so many of them?
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    Man no topic is more boring than this. All rants are the same, even the comments are identical . Are you really typing this shit all over and over again or we have an ai team taking care of it?
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    @dcode we are just trying to catch up to Microsoft rants, Linux rants and arch is the best rants. We still have a long way to go.

    So if you don't enjoy this, you should scroll past us alone :3
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