Does balding scare the shit out of anyone else here? I am 19 and have started showing signs of male pattern baldness *sigh*. Just hope to make it to 25 without balding completely.

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    I thought baldness went hand in hand with development?
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    was your father and grandfather bald early?

    19 is way to early to get bald that's for sure. But if you're the unlucky one it's time to embrace that soccer referee style. Or getting black rimmed glasses - Moby style.
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    some ppl i went to skool with were bald or looking like they're seriously old by 25. others are way past and pretty much have the hair they did in skool.

    think grandpas and dads hair should show what you'll get.
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    @C0D4 no you're mixing something up, that was boldness not baldness. πŸ˜…
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    *turns on moby*
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    @heyheni oh, that’s how you spell it πŸ˜‚
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    Friend of nice went bald. There's really no other option than to shave it and bulk up. On the bright side, no more haircuts.
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    Balding is somewhat common. Some take it seriously for some reason.

    Hope you won't
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    You can get a prescription to stop it. See your doctor early.
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    I am bald in real life rn. Check my recent birthday rant.

    Baldness is state of mind though. Brainwashed by society. Shouldn't matter.

    My avatar is bald as well. 😊

    Edit: Damn!!! I forgot I am Floydfox rn..
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    @AlexDeLarge I really hope I could stop being shallow🀐 No matter how much I try, I can't do it though
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    @Floydian you mean like Mi?
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    Guy at my work has baldness run in his family. His plan was to get used to it early. Every summer he shaves his head with no guard. That’s his only hair cut for the year. He gets go enjoy his full head of hair about 11 months of the year. When he starts to go bald he will just have to shave more frequently.

    Me on the other hand, I’m already planning I’m getting hair grafts for somewhere between my 35th to 40th birthday and baldness doesn’t even run in my family and I’m only in my 20s. I don’t want my hairline receding even a bit. So vain I know.
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    @confusedGuy-sh I did the same. Particularly, still doing it.
    When I was 13 or 14, I started to get grey and then white hair.
    When I was like 16 my hair started to lose itself from the head.
    If I would try to have long hair, people would see the areas of where my hair loss did happen in a very clear way.
    That is why I tried it when I was 20. From now to tomorrow. I was nervous about the peoples' reactions, but then Idgaf anymore. I was shaving my head with 18.
    Since then I am shaving my head most of the time MySQL
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    I hope I keep my hair for some time tbh
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    I'm bald af since 23, coming from good thick hair with a decent length all over my teen years.. It's in my family.. Fuck this legacy.

    But it ain't all that bad, not bad I tell you. Just bald.
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    I don't see why you stress over that unless if it affects your cognitive functions!
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    @peacWhis Sadly I feel like a malformed blob. Luckily I can do it weekly tho'
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    I had signs of receding when I was 14, started to thin around 17, decided to shave off and go bald at 18.

    It was scary at first but was one of the best choices I've ever made πŸ˜…

    Silver lining, you won't have to fuss with barbers anymore
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    @electric-ghost for the suit... get one tailor made from china for $150.
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    Yeah my hair started thining alot after 24 and now i am constantly hearing caps :( coz i just can't handle the change just yet. I know it shouldn't matter but i have lost some confidence as a result. It sucks.
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    - tailor-made
    - from China
    doesn't add up?

    China, China, China
    All the friggin' China
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    @xewl sure it's made in hong kong, the british business men needed their tweeds. So the tailor knowledge went to hong kong. But yeah if you've got the money for London or Milan made bespoke suit. suit yourself. I don't. So a self taken measurement $250 wool suit from Hong Kong it is.
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    @heyheni 1+1 makes 3, but I do see the point. Was looking at it before.. might even order someday.. :x

    (Definitely better than needing to choose 1 to 2 sizes up on them to hope they actually fit... ) :)
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    I will surely be bald, as my mother's father was bald and my forehead as been growing more and more lately
    I don't care about it. As soon as I really lose too much hair, I'm going to have fun with then, e.g. color them, cut and do them in funny ways...

    Then they'll be gone and I'll do some body-building, wear only white T-shirts and rename myself "Mr. Clean".
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