Thinking about redesigning my portfolio website. Any recommendations on a CSS framework to use?

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    Bootstrap 4 is very nice, but there's bulma, skeleton ("getskeleton"), tailwindcss and some more
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    @AlpineLinnix @Alice nothing wrong with vanilla, it's more of, "Do I want to handle X different media queries or let something else handle it?" I can always roll my own and have before.
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    Usually I'm pretty lazy in frontend dev, so I use bootstrap 4 or materialize
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    @LoneWulfXIII for a big company site we have only 3 media queries... If you write your CSS clean you almost never have to touch them
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    With css grid layout you don't need a framework. And using Bootstrap for a personal portfolio is like eating at McDonnalds before a date with a 5 course menue in a michelin adwarded gourmet restaurant. You're simply not interested what's comming after.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone, didn’t expect this to be such a decisive topic :)
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    Buuuuuuulma. It's beautiful and doesn't come with any javascript (and especially no jquery) but has javascript suggestions on places where you would normally use it
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    CSS 3 (or 4 because I think you can use it now), html5, and JavaScript if you really need it.
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