So, in the printing industry, FTP has a long and storied history as the standard method of sending art assets. But as time has gone on, more and more people are utterly incapable of handling FTP.

Customer: "I sent you the file. It's called xyz.zip"

PM: "I don't see the file."

Customer: "I know I sent it."

PM: "Let me check with IT."

I check the logs. No such file was uploaded.

PM: "What program did you use to send the file?"

Customer: "Firefox"

Every. Fucking. Time.

It turns out the Germans actually have a word for this:

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    Germans have a word for almost everything xD
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    @Alice Was ne großartig Wort! I'm adding that one to my insult vocab.
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    @Alice Eh. Well Arschkrampe by itself is a thing, but not exactly easy to translate. "Clueless idiot" comes close. The best insults are the ones that don't translate.
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    there is fireFTP...:)
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    @Alice I'm currently at work and was scrolling devRant bored as hell. And than there pops up Arschkrampfhure :D Made my Day :D
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    i have an shorter word for this: CSU-Mitglied
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    @stop oooooooooooh snap.
    Dab on'em!
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    <@julkali> <@teilo>
    German has this nice feature that you can connect nearly all words. For example:

    data transfer

    data = Daten
    transfer = Übertragung
    => Datenübertragung

    easy as that.
    Oh btw Schokobackfischstäbchen
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    Jah, @Skayo, es nicht mein erstes Rodeo. ;)
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    Wtf you actually tried it?
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    (Wie ich einfach auf Englisch antworten wtf haha ich bin zu verwirrt)
    Never saw Doctor Who. What happens there?
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    @Alice I guess there's no accounting for taste. Then again, I don't do deep fried anything.
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    Without a doubt my new favorite word
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    Valid word in German
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    kk nevermind
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    @Skayo So I understood that, except for the "litter" at the end.
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    It's splitter. Which means splinter/fragment
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    I actually do better with the 16th century German of Upper Saxony / Thuringia.
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    I know nothing in german but these comments sound nasty and dirty af.
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    Its time for it to die
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    @Paramite eh... She said THIS?
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