So hating WordPress why does it suck so much?

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    @electric-ghost well you got me there
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    Too much things to say.. hmm, give it a try, but keep something to vomit near to u.
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    Are you using pre-built theme with WordPress?
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    @error503 client wants to use one
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    @drumfreek31 Okay. You should be blaming the theme builder then not WordPress. Theme builders are made by 3rd party not WordPress.
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    @electric-ghost Did FrontPage came with Administrator area? How does it make it slightly better. You can't really do a comparison between WordPress and FrontPage. WordPress is a CMS and FrontPage was a WYSIWYG HTML editor. I think Wix and FrontPage can be directly compared.
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    @error503 ah I get what you are saying. They like to dumb it down and make it easy for the lowest denominator. But, in the end makes it hard when they sent it off to be fixed
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    @electric-ghost ahh...none taken. Just thought to put it out there.
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    How does make it not suck? Acquiring minds want to know
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    I dunno man, i did some minor shit for wordpress and didn't really get the hate. Maybe those that have invested more on it can elaborate.
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    Wordpress sucks. But it’s what I have to work with.

    I never work with 3rd party themes. I keep the plugins down to a minimum.
    I hate how slow it can be at times. How many stupid SQL calls it has to do to get anything.

    Wordpress is afraid of dropping support for stuff. They still support php 5.3

    Running dev, staging and prod versions are pretty much impossible (imo) because if stupid database and how it’s constructed.

    I bet I could write down a long list of why I hate it, and still have lots of things I’ve forgotten.

    Truth is, it’s far from the best, but far from the worst I’ve worked with. Recently I worked with Moodle, where less was compiled by the theme I think, but you could insert variables in the settings page that would overwrite your less files.
    I’ve also worked with SiteCore, old cms shit. Felt like I was working in some old Microsoft Office app. Impossible to navigate, and file editing was through TeamViewer, because the IT guy didn’t know how to setup ftp or ssh.

    So yeah, WP sucks. But trust me, there’s worse things out there.
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    @ChainsawBaby I am so glad to learned that I am not stuck using the worst thing out there
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    I hate it because it's a gaping security hole.
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    it isn't wordpress I have something against... it's the fucking shitcode 3rdparty plugins from theforest/codecanyon
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    Try that decease, MODX and then you will realise that WordPress is not the worst that could happen to you.
    I don't *love* WP but it is solid if you know what you are doing imo.

    Btw, last site I built runs on GRAV, rad little cms.
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    I had to develop a handful of websites on Wordpress and it's a stinky pile of rhino turds!
    The only good thing about it is, that you find a (questionable) plugin for everything.
    But the API of WP is an extremely horrible, unintuitive, unorganized stinky pisswagon full of century-old hobo body fluids.
    The functions were most likely named by a heroin addict begging for a shot after 2 days without a high.
    One big website the ignorant and naive me two years ago developed, was made with Wordpress and it is still, in my 30 years on this planet, the most regrettable thing I have ever done!
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    @RustyCookie Problem is, most people don't know shit how wordpress works..

    then you end up maintainign a site with revolution slider, woocommerce and god forbid that fucking cancer visual composer
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