<rant>The state of front end web development in 2016</rant>.

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    Yeah back in the days when you had to do all those compatibility stuff all by yourself and deploy with FTP was so much fun!
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    Transpiling and using sourcemaps is a pain but would you really rather spend the day worrying about JS compatibility issues?
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    @koreus7 I used to worry about comparability but since browsers are becoming more homogeneous and ie<ie10 have almost no hits in my sites I no longer suppot these browsers.

    since then I live more relaxed and happy using my scripts without libraries.
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    until you realise ES6 is full of great features and Babel isn't really that bad.
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    Now I never said there are no benefits to the new advancements, there definitely are some good points. However I think we could all agree that things have gotten WAY more complicated than they used to be, and in some cases, need to be.

    What really annoys me is that for every new piece of optimisation you want to take advantage of, there's some new tool you have to learn and introduce into your workflow.

    Want ES6? Install Babel and don't forget to learn the ins and outs of .babelrc

    TypeScript is great, you should definitely be using it! Oh, you have to install the compiler and learn what settings to use in your tsconfig.json file. Oh and you're going to want typings too, here's a tutorial on how to use that as well.

    ES6 modules are the best way to organise your code. Here. learn how to use SystemJS or Webpack.

    The list goes on. I swear creating a new project is a project in itself nowadays.
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