Manager: I need estimates for your sprint tasks

Me: I've never done any of this before, my estimates have no context and are effectively worthless

Manager: don't worry it's just for the Jira board.

Me: OK *gives estimates*

End of sprint comes...

Manager: Why isn't task X done?

Me: *sigh*

I don't miss my old job :)

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    Ugh I fuckin hate this. Don't force agile development into a schedule because you think I can just magically answer "when do you think you'll be done?"
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    @Lisanna it can, you just have to understand what it means and how to apply it. Story points are a measure of effort/complexity, time tracking is a measure of long within your cycle you predict it might take. In theory, they should complement each other, but more often than not, time tracking is used as gospel. Go figure.
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    @Lisanna Indeed.. but for the sake of billing.. :(
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