Any developers here who do a different job during the day?

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    Like Batman?
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    @heyheni yes just like batman lmao XD
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    I think there's a lot of non professional developers here.

    I'm not one of these people though.
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    I dev fulltime at the moment (better paid), and I also freelance dev at the moment too. I also do acting and work in a bar, both to do something a little different and not for how much they pay!
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    I study computer science, work as a student in a computer science group although half of my work is not really dev related and have a side job in a planetarium. Does that count? .-.

    Was working in a school for a year and oh hell no. Please never again T_T
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    @hasu Oh thats so cool! Planetariums are awesome
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    @pretzlerich yes :3 freaking love it. <3 It's one of the best things that ever happened to me.
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    @hasu I got married in a planiterium
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    I’m a support and Linux server engineer professionally :)
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    @pretzlerich we are trying to convince our boss to get the necessary certificate so that we can do so too :3

    Ohhh tell me more! What kind of planetarium? I guess a big one? in what city? do you know what system they had? A full dome one?
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    im a project manager for a outsourced project...
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    I am an occupational therapist and work with mentally ill people. I love my job. But I also love web development, so I started doing freelancing a few months ago.
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    @hasu Yes it was huuuge. Google Sir Patrick Moore planetarium.
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    @pretzlerich ah yes. A fulldome System. We are trying to save up enpugh money for one since out projector and system are kind of dying...
    We got space for whopping 35 ppl which is tiny. But hey, 90% of the atuff is done live so it's kinda cool. Got its own charme ^^
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