In the midst of a debate / discussion with a dev-friend ...

Me: Discussions with you are so exhausting.
Him: I don't discuss. I explain why I'm right.

... D:

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    - every single conversation with an Arch Linux user.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- as you can see I'm a bit fed up of Arch users, lol
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    I actually work with a lot of people like this (Tech Architect). It's actually a really frustrating and dangerous issue, particularly in a review cycle.

    I've wasted many precious hours reviewing architecture and raising comments, with the only result being that the other architect just uses it as an opportunity to explain why I'm wrong and they're right.

    Months (and much cost) later, and we're back tracking to my original points.

    I rarely take part in reviews now.
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    @mw108 when have u been talking to me??? 😂
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    I have never talked with you though :O
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