Linux is only free if your time has no value.

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    Windows is only usable when there are no updates to do.
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    A N G E R Y
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    Linux is not free as in free beer
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    Look at RedHat's OSes. They're paid, yet still free. You're using the wrong definition, my dude
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    Since I usually have far fewer problems with my Linux install, I'm okay with that, since it means I need less time to be frustrated by what I'm trying to do.

    I tend to learn more during my hobby projects, too, which I consider to be a valuable addition to my overall knowledge, so Linux arguably pays me to use it, rather than the other way around.
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    Same goes for lot of other stuff. Most people dont value their time enough
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    *windows updates for literally 8 hours*
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    @succcubbus "That's perfect for my work day of 8 hours!"
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    Everyone ranting about windows but I dont have any problems with it since using it for over 10 years. But I would argue that Linux takes indeed a long time to learn if you switch from Windows.
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    This is so true. Especially if you use your PC for.more than just development (music production, DCC, video editing, interfacing with hardware, etc). Linux can be a royal pain to set up.
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    @RememberMe true that!
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    @mgaruccio every OS has its use case while I think Windows has the better all in all solution for desktop and servers. Switching between a Server 2016 and Server 2008 is not that different than switching between different linux server distros. Everyone has his preferences.

    I think there is no clear winner.

    Someone prefers to fiddle with their system more than others, so linux would fit better. I like my ready Windows solution and getting started right from the get go.
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    @tomahawxer Depends on the person I’d say. For my family (yes parents and sister as well) it took like half an hour to find everything they needed and that was it.
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    Write a kickstart script, learn to use anacron for updates and housekeeping tasks. Takes less than a day to learn, and from then on you'll have a working setup in an hour or less.

    No value? More like n o e x c u s e s
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    @luminous-flux Some tasks do not take long to learn, but one of my biggest issues with linux is that things often work so well that I have forgotten how to do them, because the last time was years ago.

    You do it once, then it just works, and the next time you need to do the same task is with the next machine you're setting up.

    On windows many system related things are so "easily" memorized because you have to do them every other day, just because they don't work right.
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    @tomahawxer it's nice that you've found an os that works for you, but I'd argue that switching from any X to any Y takes time.

    I haven't used Windows as a primary os in years, because I found that once I learned the basics of Linux, it was much more complementary to my personal workflow.
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    As a person who has worked in the computer industry for almost 30 years, I completely agree.
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    Grabbing my 🍿
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    Windows as a server doesn't come remotely proximal to Linux as a server. The only reason to use Windows as a server is if you are committed to a vendor who's in bed with Microsoft.
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    Shifted from windows to Linux from 4 years ,yup learning curve was little tricky but happy right now
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    I have no problem with Linux.
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    A good Linux setup hardly needs any maintenance, actually. Updates hardly break stuff, unless you do something stupid (eg. update php 5 to 7 on a production)...

    So yeah, blame yourself for wasting your time. Every OS works badly if you compromise it or are unable to properly configure it.
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    What a bleak outlook, OP. This is a community of computer lovers. Linux is brilliant, and to me, exploring its possibilities and quirks is well worth my time, because I LOVE COMPUTERS. I am more than happy to spend my time on things I love. Yeah, I suppose you can accept the default config of whatever consumer-marketed operating system that comes with your computer, but that idea not only repulses me-- it depresses me.
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    PREACH @bahua
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    Agreed. I spend way to much time trying to learn everything for Linux , and then it ends up not working.
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    it need gut's to talk against linux in develoepers community

    every OS has it's prons and cons


    Linux is still superior :D
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    This is so true, even if you are rich af and have plenty of time, you’re gonna have to pay in one way or another, it might be in staff, training or time, but you will pay for using Linux. But hey, its free !!! :D
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    How did you pull that off? @import-fun
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    Sure, like anything else of value.
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    @DVN-Anakin Oh come on, how hard can it be?

    If you're talking about free software then just take that fucking one minute and try to understand that free does not mean free of charge:

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    @DVN-Anakin Just saying...

    Linux is f2p. You start without nothing, have a normal learning curve which starts from the very basics of installing and setting up a system. After playing for a while, you end up being able to do most things by yourself, and have a great understanding of your surroundings.

    Windows/Mac are p2w. You skip the basics and start off with shiny equipment. Sooner or later, you either have to renew your subscription, or learn by yourself what the f2ps had to go through... Except it'll feel a lot harder.

    FreeBSD/Solaris are pro f2ps which try to do everything with the cheapeast/weakest equipments. End up mastering the game, but took a toll on them.

    So yeah, pick your poison. But they'll all end up sucking away your time.
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    If one of my senior colleague reads this, he will track you down and put you down forever. I have seen the fire, the killer instinct in his eyes when someone talks down Linux.
    He has the Linux penguin as his dp.
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    Poor guy, must have a lot of time on his hands and nerves of steel. @BugsBuggy
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