Visual Studio: Downloading... for two hours.


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    .... aaaand gone is productivity.
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    "Why aren't you working?"
    $excuses = array("waiting for a download", "compiling", "waiting for a call", "waiting for a response on my problem");
    $randexc = array_rand($excuses);
    print "I'm $randexc !";
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    Now microsoft assumes that everyone is from a country with fast internet. Removes the option of downloading Visual Studio as iso. Now installation needs to download every single time. Unless you download it using command line.
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    How does it compare to CodeBlocks?
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    Woahhhhh you gotta upgrade your WiFi 😅
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    @elixir07 no iso, but you can make the mistake create an offline setup layout... Stop complaining and cashing MS
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    I don't know, actually. I haven't used any of them for a long time.
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