I finally built a new PC with 8GB memory, i7 4790K and SSD for OS.

My old system was a core2duo with 2GB memory. Android studio used to take 20mins for gradle sync and another 20min for signing apks. "Live preview" and "emulator" was a thing of the future for me. Never used it.

But now things have changed. This thing boots up in less than 5 sec and studio gradle takes less than 30sec. I'm so happy right now! Its like a dream come true! *cries in happiness*

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    8GB RAM requires urgent attention
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    I strongly recommend that you get another 24gb ram
    And one(or three) more ssd to set up a RAID 0.
    Then you will be able to open any program or compile any source as if you were doing it with the power of your mind.
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    Congratulations on your new machine.

    Oh, and welcome to devRant :)
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    Android studio will eat those 8GB in seconds get more RAM.
    Congrats on ur new system 😀
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    Welcome to devRant!
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    Oh. Should have gotten more ram, a K version i5 and a light overclock. Add a M2 SSD to the mix and nooow we are talking.
    I don't really think an i7 is worth the extra money.
    But congrats on your new hot stool :)
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    Add more RAM... I have 8 ram and a i3...
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    Hey, people! He didn't ask for build comments. He is having a blast with the upgrade, and I am so envious of that feeling. Stuck with a 2700k that supposedly doesnt need an upgrade...
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    First of all, congratulations on your build... It is always a nice feeling when we are successfully able to build one...

    And, I completely agree with others about adding at least double your RAM, if not more..

    Gradle, initially works well but with time, it will deteriorate.. So, adding more RAM is definitely a great recommendation...

    Android Studio is a time consuming beast and the only way to achieve fast results is to give it more memory to play with..

    In the CS Universe, only two things matter, space (memory) and time (speed).. And, in the end, it all comes down to the balance that exists between these two factors...
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    @andersoyvind if he didn't want any suggestions or recommendations he shouldn't have included the details
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    @rantOverflow exactly.
    But who buys old hardware anyways :P
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    My pc tooks 1-5 mins gradle, depends how much i add/edit the codes
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    @uniquesmash Devs tend to want to be able to run their IDE, have a few chrome tabs open and probably run a few virtual machines though and that eats RAM really fast.

    RAM is cheap so there is very little reason to go with less than 16GB these days.
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    I agree with the other comments about the RAM and stuff. But an upgrade like that really feels great! Congratulations.

    In my opinion the n.1 cause of devRant is underpowered machines. It really makes THE difference. Waiting ages for that thing to compile and just realizing you made a typo in the end is just sad...
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