Where do I begin creating a Backend API for my Frontend?

I already know how to make the Frontend of my personal projects. But I want to learn to make the Backend as well. Any advice is appreciated.

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    You can use the a programmering language you're strong in! (Ex. C / java)
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    Begin with crud
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    An API can be many things, but I presume you mean an Endpoint you can send a request to via socket or HTTP, and get a resource back, preferably in JSON or XML.

    Your question is very broad and unspecific. Do you have any particular language(s) or franework(s) in mind already?

    Unless you have a very specific idea you're trying to realize, choose a language that interests you the most and learn that language first. You can build APIs in many languages and frameworks.

    Since you've already built a frontend (or better: client) for your project, I assume you already know JavaScript, so Node.js and Express are very useful and convenient to create APIs, since you probably already know JavaScript.

    You can also use PHP, Python, Ruby, Elixir, Java or C#, for example, which belong to the most common programming and scripting languages.

    The most important thing is: find out what you want, what language suits you, your future goals and your project the most, learn it (online courses on Udemy, Frontend Masters, etc. will be helpful) and then start learning the framework or libraries of your choice, so you can work more productively.
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    Thanks for such a complete answer. And sorry for the broad question. I think I know where to start my journey now.
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    @ODXT https://firebase.google.com/ is a all in one solution. Beginner friendly, especially the firebase realtime database is easy to use.
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    Thanks, I'll keep it handy. But I really want to learn the hard stuff.
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    Hey if you decide on java, the java spark framework has really good tutorials for beginners on its website
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    "Programming the Web with JavaScript" - edX
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