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    This looks like flutter
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    @leksyib and apparently behaves like it 😂
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    Git blame is like chipping your pets but for code. If your code isn't chipped... I mean using git... Well then the author isn't the only one with a problem.
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    @leksyib it is flutter :)
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    @bittersweet code isnt from Git. Its code I wrote as part of my course. I made the meme from another meme. Being it was code i was using at the time i decided to clip it. The actual code in the pic is irrelivant to the meme really.
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    @pretzlerich I'm a bit too much of a git evangelist I guess.

    cd shopping-lists
    git init
    touch monday.md
    vim monday.md
    git commit ...

    "Love, could you check out this shopping list? No, not on my screen, Just set my PC as your remote and then..."

    Wife: 😒
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    flutter <3 <3 <3
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