When you start a project...

What you should think about :
- What does it do?
- How should I make it?
- What should I need?

What EVERY SINGLE OF YOU think about :
- What should I call it?
- Do I need a logo?
- Lemme sketch some design features. Maybe Material Design looks nice.


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    Wrong, visual design, name and logo are never on my todo list in the beginning.

    I mostly just start with as little gui as possible, many times only a console application if I don’t need more :D

    I am bad at visual design and hate coming up with names and have created a total of 5 logos during 32 years of professional development, none of which are in use now ;)

    With a good gui library and time I eventually get to some passable gui if the project requires it but preferably I have someone else doing the actual design or just “borrow” one if its for a private project.
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    Project name is important. I didn't made proper name when starting my engineer degree project in Android Studio.... I had to create new one and copy code there, cause this piece of shit kept old name as reference somewhere even though no file had it changed and I clean builded it.
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    Visuals are just as important as end functionality. They’re what retain user interest on your sight, to completely overlook them is not a good idea
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    Also with project name you have to make sure that you can distinguish it from another project in git, other than that it doesn’t really matter
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    I'm saving this one
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    Don't have any personal projects & I usually have to fix stuff... So I don't have problems with logos and such.. more with not naming variables in lines of wtfIsThis and debug logs like fuckinMonstrosityFromHell...
    Also my boss is like WTF you asking me this (questions you listed + some more) you're supposed to fix xx stuff not xy stuff.. and then I explain xx stuff won't work because xy stuff is fucked up amd meed more info to fix it.. 😂😂😂
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    Nah.. proposal review, initiation, requirements gathering, analysis/design. Then development.
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