In my company, we have been have been using skype, hipchat, slack and now Teams.

Yet somehow, email always survives.

I get it as a communication channel for external clients as everybody has an email.

Yet when you as a company are using a team messenger, well then use it as your primary communication tool NO EXCEPTIONS or don't use them at all.

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    How is Teams? I wanna try it but working with medically sensitive information and cloud service makes that option hard
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    Never gonna happen.

    It's better to just accept the fact that people/teams use different tools for different purposes.

    And it helps a lot to have a list of all the used tools, so everyone is aware of how can one be potentially reached.
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    What happened to good old calling via phone? Personally I dread calling but if something is urgent then Im not waiting until the person answers in one of 5 channels.

    About teams: its not too bad but has annoying features. Ive been using it in my last job for one year. Everytime someone goes on holiday he gets an “out of office” status. And then in every group chat everyone is notified about this person being out of office. And this notification is popping up every time when you want to write a message. Extremely annoying and no way to disable.
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    Email is good for emails and chat programs are good for chatting.
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