But but.. MacBook Pro 😬😏

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    Literally or metaphorically
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    @notAnkur Both?
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    Not by default.
    First you have to install java.
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    @WIPocket I wonder if you can install android studio there because that works too
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    Come on, people, have some common sense, it's a 45 W TPD CPU.
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    My faithful girlfriend is hotter
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    @kamen you mean exactly like other laptops?
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    @c3ypt1c you mean your right hand?

    xpost r/ihavesex
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    Apparently that piece of shit is so hot that it can't even sustain its base frequency. Throttles like hell.
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    @mahaDev but you have a shiny apple logo, people think that's fashio... Ehm quality, they're ready to pay overpriced price for it
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    People don't buy the Apple products, they actually only buy the Apple brand.
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    It is the prestige and not the quality of their products. The new product is almost the same as its predecessor. The only big difference in buying a newer Apple product is e.g. this.:"Oh look. I bought this new <insert new apple product name> and you are still having that crap <decrement apple product name by one version>, you fgt. I am so rich!"

    You can find the same scenario in the famous app where you were able to get it if you had a lot of money. It is just to show off. The app did nothing.

    I am wondering where that prestige comes from.
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    @dontbeevil I don't mean to compare it to other laptops because it doesn't matter in this case. What matters is that they've managed to fit 6 cores in the same TDP that previous generation quad core CPUs used to fit in. The fact that they brand it as "i9" goes with the fact that their naming convention has been a little loose lately: yes, indeed, it's the first 6-core mobile CPU, but on desktop they also moved from 4 to 6 cores on LGA 1151 without changing the "i7" designation; there's also a 6-core i5 now.
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    @kamen so you're trying to tell me that other companies haven't fit an i9 in a slim form factor?
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