So apparently Linux has more contributors than Github can count

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    And all that contribution within a single branch
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    768000 commits o_0
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    Makes me wonder why only one branch?
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    @gitpush probably because it's a read-only repo. They aren't using GitHub for development, they are using a mailing list
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    @willol how good is that? Doesn't it make them lost with too many in the list?
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    @gitpush The development trees are on other locations.
    The mail-list is only for discussions.
    The answer here lists all locations: https://stackoverflow.com/questions...
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    @bjoer751 aha! All clear now thanks man
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    @gitpush mirror readonly repo
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    @refex I ask too much, how will this help them? Forget the case of Linux, assuming any other project does that, how is this helpful? Backup? or any other reason?
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    @gitpush I find using a mailing list terrible yeah (didn't work on Linux but on Git, which uses the same process). It seems that the greybeards like it anyway :shrug:
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    @willol lol greybeards
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    @gitpush I'm wondering the same, sorry 😄 maybe it is just to solve the need of a reference quickly reachable from users. Github is pretty the standard now
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    @refex well up until around 2010 I used to think that git = github XD
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    @gitpush touché
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    @gitpush @willol I remember reading somewhere that Linus prefers mailing lists as other means are "too complicated". Other than that, yes it's a mirror only repo and do not accept PR
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    @varundey I wouldn't think that git's creator prefers other methods for version control...
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    @datablitz7 probably not clear but my context when I was talking about mailing list were features, bug reports and other things. It might help them to keep similar conversations together. Not sure how they designed it tho
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    @jAsE I don't contribute 😅
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    Still less number of stars than React or Vue repos 😅, just saying.
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