Microsoft has added a machine learning model to predict when is the right time to restart the device for updates.

Coming with the next major update.

This should be interesting...

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    This can’t possibly be real.

    Instead of solving the root problems just throw blockchain and disruptive innovation at it. Sounds about right.
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    When your users still keep whining about your os instead of literally clicking thrice, so you bring out the big guns
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    @FrodoSwaggins I'm afraid it is. It's much easier to train and use an ML model than to fucking change how the kernel work in an OS without breaking stuff
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    @MrCSharp it’s just so obviously the wrong solution... gah
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    Can it predict never? Or maybe once in a few months?
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    Or: Why ask when we can guess?!
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    @MrCSharp if it's that fucking broken, it's time for a rewrite.

    If you break a vase for the tenth time, you don't keep gluing its chips and pieces back together. You buy a new vase.
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    Lemme say in the voice of Homer Simpson 'Doh'.. What the fuck does this even mean
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    Can't they just let the user decide like on linux.
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    Hmm, they can set it, to restart it in the worst time. For example a while before you press CTRL+S. Nice idea for virus 😀
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    @Root if you break a vase ten times, buying a new one doesn’t remove the problem. That is kind of what Microsoft is doing by using another method of determining the correct time to install the updates.

    I once had a picture in my window that fell down on the floor and broke. I then bought new frame for the picture and put it back in the window. That obviously didn’t fix it, and the same thing happened two time more. Then I took time to understand the root problem, and found out that my curtains pushed the picture down when I had draft through the apartment. I decided to tie up the curtains, which fixed the problem.

    Bottom line: they should take some time and understand the root problem instead of trying to fix it with a new method of doing the same.....
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    @not-sure In my example, the vase was Windows itself. But I agree with your point regardless.
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    @Root Arh yes, I see
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    How about never.
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