My first Alienware PC. Aurora R7. Feeling amazing. New to pc games. Hoping to get Forza. I have a Ps4 and a xbox one too. But I like to get into PC gaming. Please excuse the cable mess. Still working on it.

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    Why not build a custom?
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    @ausername well, I didn't wanna spend a fortune. This was 1500 and I got it for 1200. Has 8th Gen i7 8700, 16 GB Ram, GTX 1070 8 GB, I TB HDD with Intel Optane. Im pretty happy with the specs for the price
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    Im so sorry that I have to tell you this, but Alienware PCs are utter Garbage, many of them thermal throttle, the GPUs way too cheap, some reports speak of way too much heat buildup...
    Inform yourself next time you build something, Build your own PC, then you will mostly have a better price/Value...
    again, i dont wanna be rude but you've made a Terrible decision...
    Have a nice time.
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    reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace couldve helped you A LOT
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    @KAS89 although I always thought Alienware was overpriced this seems fair. Have fun my friend :D
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    Not much into gaming but the case is sick af
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    all the people saying custom gives a better value probably haven't build a pc in 2 years. prices of ram and GPU have made a custom build very expensive.

    if it does thermal throttle it should be easy enough to pop the hatch and throw in some new thermal paste and a cooler.

    rough estimation of your specs:
    i7 8700: 350
    16gb ddr4 ram: 150
    gtx 1070 8gb: 450
    1tb ssd: 200
    generic case: 80
    generic psu: 80
    motherboard: 150
    totals at 1460. so, 1200 is not bad!
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    @balte I can get a 1080 or 1070 TI for less than what you pay for a 1070...

    Custom build is cheaper in the long haul.
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    @balte now, you saved $200, but you get shitty hardware that throttles, and if I remember correctly, changing cooler won't be that easy as there is not much space inside (I might be wrong about that). Also, when you get a good deal on GPU you could get GTX 1070 TI for that price
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    @Codex404 @DawidCyron Dell support is great though, that might be worth the extra 200 to some people. It's not just about the specs.
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    @RememberMe yeah, but then again, let's say your GPU gets fucked, you probably have to send them the whole PC instead of just sending GPU on warranty repair. I appreciate nice support when it comes to laptops, but with desktops I think it's mostly pain in the ass when you have to send whole PC.
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    @RememberMe my and my friends and webshops Give better support though
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    @DawidCyron Dell support sends a dude over to fix your PC unless it's well and truly fucked. Besides, if your custom build gets fucked beyond your ability to repair then you'll have to cart it to a repair shop anyway.
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    What‘s so much better on PC Gaming over Xbox? I never understood:
    Xbox (-):
    - 5€/m
    - all games
    - Max. 150€ used
    - no setup
    - drm-free physical discs
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    @bcye i never got why I should buy an xbox if I alrady have a pc at home that I need for work anyway. True I can't run everything on super high graphics by now but I don't care.
    Also an pc can be upgraded while in case of a xbox one just has to buy a new one.
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    @hasu uh. i use a mac, so...
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    @bcye Xbox
    30FPS or 60FPS locked
    Locked graphics
    costs monthly
    not upgradeable
    uses old hardware
    No locks on FPS or graphics
    doesnt cost monthly
    way better graphics,
    easy watercooling
    can utilise CDs, dvds, blueray, etc
    what do you want more?
    oh, its more expensive...
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    But I don’t need any of that stuff. Xbox works just fine, I don’t care if there is less then 60fps and some small changes in graphics if I save 900€
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    @bcye then for you it might not be usefull, for me its mostly indiegames. And keyboard and mouse.
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    @bcye well RIP then ;D but then it's not a suprise also.
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