A jab at PHP

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    None of the females I've talked to actually give a shit when I say im a CS major
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    @Stuxnet i mean the scale is not defined
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    I even think you could cross out female. Pretty sure this graph is 100% accurate for interest in general
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    @8BitOverdose i think i actually agree, but I'm too lazy to fix this post
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    The sad truth is that it starts going down after "I write code" 😂
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    @D3add3d Most people just ask me what kind of job I'd like to get and say "oooh cool!" lol.

    I'll start talking and end not shutting up, all the while my friends are just ignoring me. Most people I talk to don't give a shit. But it's cool; I don't give a shit about their degree choices either lol.
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    In actuality it would drop off precisely two words earlier.

    Source: Myself. And real life.
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    @D3add3d Great story :D Zdravím z Ostravy (Greetings from Ostrava) :D
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    @D3add3d So... Now you have to marry your cousin?
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    @D3add3d Well because only two women in your life understand you, and one is unavailable...

    Also, with both of you being brilliant, that should counter some of the incest retardedness anyway, so you're good to go!
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    @D3add3d I was just trolling 😄. I almost dated my cousin once, not knowing she was family. Pretty grossed out when I found out... Funny how brains work in that regard.
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    That are some "beautiful" gif(?)-artifacts.
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    @Stuxnet thats bc u mentioned u code in php
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    @SukMikeHok I don't use PHP. Nice try mate.
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    @c3ypt1c ...😅 I did not mean that you should delete your comment, I just deleted mine, I am trying to stay sneaky... using my main nickname was a dumb idea as devRant is crawled by Google, DDG, Yandex, Yahoo...
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    @bytecode I see. I'll delete mine too in the mission to help you stay super sneaky
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    A jab at us male programmers.

    Female interest

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    @iaan "jk" *nervous sweating*
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