How y'all react to this?

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    @AlexDeLarge You call bullshit on every thing.
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    I call bullshit on that definition
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    I call bullshit on the English language
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    Ignoring that the story is obviously fake... I find the fabricated "moral" terrible and a little repulsive.

    Apply the story to your work environment. The boss says he has an urgent small project and says there will be a $50 cash bonus to whomever takes the task and completes it quickly. Instead of drawing straws, you all decide to do it together. Ubuntu! Two hours later, not only are you tripping over one another, you also have to carry Fred and Mary because they're lazy, and fix Jose's fuckups. In the end, out of your team of 5, only two of you are doing any real work. The rest are just looking busy or making excuses, but you still need to split the $50 five ways instead of two, and that $10 starts to feel insulting after the shitshow it took to earn it.

    I don't want to support others if they won't help themselves. Nor do I want to take rewards from those who do a better job and share them with those who did not.

    If there is no benefit for effort and success, people become lazy.
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    @Cyanide Altruism is not an essential human virtue. It's not even a virtue. It's horrible destructive.
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    @Root unless ... that shared reward is in the form of knowlege (how was the goal achieved, why in this particular way, etc) - because I'm all over that then. ;)
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    Also, in my story/example, think of it from the boss's perspective.

    This just made everything worse.

    I offered a reward for a project because I needed it done quickly, and instead of paying one member of the team a bonus for it, everyone split it and then proceeded to fuck the project up.

    Now, the three lazier/crappier developers just got rewarded for slacking/sucking, and the two hardworking members are pissed off over it and won't easily forgive them. These two are also much less likely to try as hard from now on.

    So instead of one or two people being rewarded (and likely working harder next time), the entire team is now demotivated and pissed off at each other. It also precludes me offering bonuses like this in the future.

    This is why "ubuntu" is an absolutely terrible premise.
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    @AlexDeLarge altruism is unconditional by definition, isn't it?

    Also, I totally agree with you on the self-esteem and entitlement crap. Not so much on the "might is right" part 😋
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    @AlexDeLarge Also, and I kind of want to state the separately: Altruism isn't the same as generosity or compassion.

    For example: I am very very generous, but only if the person is already trying to help themselves, or if they're down through no fault of their own. If they're not, they can fuck off.

    I'm not particularly compassionate, however. I'm probably more than a little sociopathic, and i'm definitely misanthropic.

    There's this homeless couple that I see every time I go for sushi. They've been there for about a year, they're still together, and they're trying their best to improve their station. They're well-groomed, attempt to stay clean, they dress very well (considering), have a pair of bikes, and they ask for money in a classy way. I've considered giving them $10k before to get back on their feet.
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    I call булшит!
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    @EV-EV When in doubt - Раш a!
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