Yei, I've bought a domain like "mysurname.me" and setup a new email at ProtonMail like "name@surname.me".

How many of you have such an email? :3

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    yep but mine is . co . uk
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    @Alice i have an firstname-lastname.cctld
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    second one was already sold. @alice
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    I've got firstname@lastname.nl yes (also linu.xxx)
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    I have firstname@lastname.codes and firstname@lastna.me
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    I used to use a G Suite legacy on something@smthng.me. I ended up getting fed up with the limitations of the Google apps SLA (no calendar support on Google home, no calling up your photos from assistant, numerous other things) and just bit the bullet and switched to first.m.last@gmail. I'm of the opinion that it doesn't matter too much, and if I'm really feeling like I need to, I could always buy another domain and send mail to/from my Gmail account.
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    My surname is shared with two fairly big towns in the US, so I can't just get a 'surname.*" Domain. I did end up getting "firstnamesurname.me' though...
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    Not I. I prefer to be relatively anonymous on the net.
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    I appreciate your anonymity, but I wish to eventually be an author, so I must have a URL with my name. Kinda sucks, tbh.
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    @datawraith I registered with fake information 😉
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    I also have one, mine is similar to firstname@lastname.tld

    But I'm not gonna write down the exact tld, as my username already gives away most of it 😊
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    GDPR, European tld's will serve as a middle-man since May, or so they should.

    I do have this, but aliased them to my call-name since 2y.
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