The Kiki
- idiots get out of there car and dance with the door open...

- Meh. Ghost riding the whip is old news.


New Trend:

The Kiki fail
- people get out and either fail or get betrayed.

Me: now I’m on board.

Great examples seen so far...

1. Women get out dancing, drops her bag (on purpose) in dancing. A motorcycle comes along and steals her purse.
Me: Great. I hope they get away with it too. I like the criminals more than the idiot in this case.

2. Dude gets out and starts dancing. Driver speeds up. The guy holds on to the car telling him to “STOP!”. He stops, the guy goes head first through the window of the driver (its down) and I assume right on his head.
Me: mmmmm delicious

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    I like you
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    When you born too early before your brain gets develop completely
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    What the fuck is wrong with this new generation? If this is our future the world is fucked. If someone did this when I was a kid they would have gotten the shit beaten out of them. This needs to stop! Now!!!....
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    @pretzlerich It's only the braindead shallow individuals doing this shit.

    They're all about fame on the internet. Shallow dumbasses.
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    As ugly as it sounds and I don't wish this on anyone but pretty sure someone will get hit by a car while trying to attempt that.
    I mean really. Why are people so stupid? This is obviously a hazard on so many levels.
    Guess natural selection strikes again?
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    This is the first time I'm hearing of this and I am truly amazed at the stupid of not only the followers, but the (supposedly adult and responsible) celebrities that are actively pushing this crap.
    I want the 90s back. I'd rather be on dial-up again than share the planet with such incredible morons.
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