I just launched a small web service/app. I know this looks like a promo thing, but it's completely non-profit, open source and I'm only in it for the experience. So...

Introducing: https://gol.li

All this little app offers is a personal micro site that lists all your social network profiles. Basically share one link for all your different profiles. And yes, it includes DevRant of course. :)

There's also an iframe template for easy integration into other web apps and for the devs there's a super simple REST GET endpoint for inclusion of the data in your own apps.

The whole thing is on GitHub and I'd be more than happy for any kind of contribution. I'm looking forward to adding features like more personalization, optimizing stuff and fixing things. Also any suggestions on services you'd like see. Pretty much anything that involves a public profile goes.

I know this isn't exactly world changing, but it's just a thing I wanted to do for some time now, getting my own little app out there.

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    eh cool! could you make on top of the social media list a optional profile so that your gol.li link acts as a business card or as a link for a qr code on a real business card?
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    Pretty cool!
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    @heyheni That's a really neat idea. I always had a thing for qr codes :)
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    Real cool bro, real cool.
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    ++'ed after the first paragraph.
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    Eh, as long as it’s free, you’re able to easily run out of DB real estate. How about making npm package out of it? That’s the workflow:

    1. User creates GitHub repo with GitHub pages enabled
    2. npm i -g golli
    3. Touch gollifile.json
    4. User fills it out like that:
    “name”: “Robert”,
    “social”: {
    “github”: “rob71963”,
    “devrant”: “rob71963”
    5. golli

    Here we go, it generates static website. Hosted page is git push away. It’ll be available at rob71963.github.io or rob71963.github.io/foo, rob71963.github.io/bar, whatever

    What do you think about it?
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    Just bookmarked the demo page! Major mind blown
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    @uyouthe i feel like this could be an interesting approach for a self-hosted version of the site. considering the db I don't worry too much. Byte limits and server side validation keeps data volume at bay and unless there are multiple millions of very active users it shouldn't be a problem ;)

    @shaji because of the linked profiles? :D for demonstration purposes I did choose the most popular or followed account of each network or just one of a random celebrity :)
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    @dneustadt okay then :)
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