In our office, everyone is placed so that we have a wall behind us. Initially, there was enough room behind us so that we can walk just fine.

Everything was fine till our manager didn't start making us some random visits and standing behind us just looking at our screens and making us feel unpleasant.

So one day we moved the tables so there is almost no room behind us. And we are aligned in a row with no space between the tables. Now if the manager decided to do it again he would have to struggle his way behind us.

Few days passed by and our manager finally showed he saw what we did, didn't say anything. It was clear that he wasn't happy about it. He tried to lean himself over the monitors to take a look but that was just not so as "good" as standing behind us...

A time passed and one day when we came to work we saw the tables moved forward some 15-20cm just enough to be able to move behind. Almost immediately we pulled them back as they were before.

We moved back and forward already few times and are currently playing cat and mouse with our manager.

Noone is saying anything just the tables are moving every 2-3 days or so. Let's see who is going to give up first hahaha

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    Hahaha this has to be funny ;)
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    Solve with superglue lol
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    Old robbers trick:
    Lay some white sugar on the floor 😇
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    @karma on the manager's seat, lel
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    Your manager is a freak. Programming is 90% thinking anyway, including percolating. If he thinks he can figure out how much work people are producing by shoulder-surfing, he's an idiot. I've worked with people who spend 4h hours at the office playing games and 4h producing more work than anyone else there. I've also worked with a programmer who spent 16h at the office and ended up being negative productivity because his work was so bad that it would take forever for the rest of the team to review/fix it, he added so many bugs, he defended his stupid counterproductive ideas to the death, dragged daily standups to 1h+ with his rambling and came in sick to the office and got everyone else sick. But he always had the IDE up on his monitor!!!
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    Hahaha this is awesome. If he confronts you about it you should come up with some bullshit technical reason for doing it and see what he says.
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    This is all beyond petty and I love it!
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    Pls let us know how well this escalated ~ @karma
    // Lol
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    Im gonna buy popcorn stocks just for this end result lol
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    Ticking time bomb...
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    I'll keep you guys updated if anything happens ;)
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    This banksy could come in handy ... http://www.savethebanksy.com/story
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