I just had a WordPress interview on Hangout and got rejected and the interviewer said I build very basic projects.
That's why he can't select me.

What kind of projects do they want??

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    Wordpress: when even getting a job on it is a nightmare.
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    Very advanced projects of course. The ones you'd usually do from scratch and with lots of planning, because WordPress is all but suited for it. You know, the kind of project WordPress is usually asked for –.–
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    @AlexDeLarge any example??
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    Build a Carfax clone to ping the national vehicle registration databse to get histories and values for cars for users based on VIN. Also build in user profiles and social media features with a "garage" to store their cars. Also make it so anything they send, store, say, or think is stored with their user information in Salesforce. Also make sure the vehicle information is never wrong and always used to bombard the user with emails and newsletters they never asked for, bonus points for no opt-out feature.
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    They want awwwweeeesome projects! You know, websites that have a plugin and still don't get hacked within the first week, and that load in less than 30 seconds for a text-only page, and that suck slightly less hard than a heroin addicted whore.
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    They want a Wordpress rocket launcher!
    Ignore them, just keep on learning. It's their loss.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 but with learning I need to make some 💰
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    @sylar182 thanks for this idea
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    @Ganofins it's a terrible idea and it should never have been built in WordPress. I hate myself every day for building that piece of garbage.
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