This is my computer workstation.

The computer has 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, a Radeon R5 graphics card and soon I will add an SSD hard disk on which I will install the operating systems.

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    Welcome to devRant!!!!!

    There’s something terribly wrong with this picture....
    It’s to damn clean 🤭 you do use it right?
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    i assume your desk is way too tity for a real dev 😁

    jk. welcome!
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    Be nice people. Welcome to devRant 😀
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    it's called SSD, not SSD hard drive
    SSD means SolidStateDrive
    HDD means HardDiskDrive
    btw welcome to devRant
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    @andr3w000 Thanks for the correction! :)
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    i feel sorry 4 u when i have a 29inch monitor....
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    But the all important question remains, can it run Crysis?
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    @bigus-dickus Hahaha, maybe it could run the launcher without exploding.
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    Welcome! As said previously your desk is too tidy! Where are the ducks and coffee? I feel bad for your monitor also, you need to upgrade for some split screen editing 🤓
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    I see you organized desktop icons 😁🙈🙈
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    I try to remember when I last used a desktop and its icons....
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    Nice and neet... Wish I could keep a desktop as clean...
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    Welcome to dev rant, get a bigger monitor though, it's a productivity booster especially if you dual or triple screen.

    Happy coding.
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    @vexusia I miss the days when the only use I had for a computer was gaming.
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    I like the design of those speakers. Are the LED's that illuminate this glass piece adjustable or in some other way interactive? Also what's the speakers' product name?
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    @Condor Those speakers also like me. I correct you: the part above is not glass: those are plastic caps, the LEDs are used to illuminate the splashes of water that rise to the rhythm of the music. Unfortunately it is not possible to interact with the color of the LEDs. Those I have are not a quality product, you can find better. In any case, the name is omega og12dsb.
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