this rant
made me realise since I was little, I wanted to register

- my_surname.com (its a Hungarian name but there is a french comic strip on the site lol)

- then i wanted to register my_surname.sk since I'm from Slovakia (nope someone has a chain of petrol stations with this name)

- well its awkward but lets do my_surname.eu (my surname is the name of a traditional Hungarian needlework so no fuck you)

- ok, I'm a Hungarian so lets do my_surname.hu (well fuck you i wont even load, but I'm already taken so..)

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    There are more than a few tlds out there?

    You can go the obvious .ai, .io route, or the more fun .xyz, .xxx, .lol, .pizza
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    @fattymiller they are more expensive and im not sure about if I do web development, if my audience would remember/understand its not the classic .com, .sk or .hu I know people who have problems realising .eu is a legit tld
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    My name seems to be the most common among Hungarian developers, so every fcking combination of my name is already taken among .com domains, on github, on linkedin, etc.
    Also, I noticed that some weeks ago my firstnamelastname.com has been expired (it was owned by someone else), BUT it was already taken some minutes later by a domain broker company. And Google says they might keep it for up to 7 years before they release it..
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    @webdev .xyz is really cheap, at least on Namecheap. I get a .xyz domain of my name for €1 a year
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