Happy to add another 50MB

Thanks, Facebook!

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    M e s s e n g e r
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    Hence why I'm using Metal Pro these days.. got sick of Facebook's featurefulness, bloat (yo facebook's so fat, it doesn't fit on even the most high-end phones!!), and just how much of an impact it has on battery life. Fuck Facebook!! 🖕
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    Nice, can't wait for the day we'll be able to watch TV, CCTV cameras, read free books, edit videos and measure the current wind speed on exact coordinates all in one app.
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    @24th-Dragon can't
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    I use friendly instead of the facebook app. Its like facebook and messenger but with less bs.
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    @Adnan1337 In fact, you already can. Just throw open-source apps for that together and bundle them as activities. Shouldn't require that much editing on Android ;)
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