Definitely my next TV will be from Samsung, or is it.... (feat. SHAASUIVG)


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    China fuck copyright
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    Dirt cheap if it's in yen
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    Probably a picture frame with a back lit LED
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    @diobert it's definitely yuan not yen, but still only about £30 rather than £300, defo a poster of a TV haha
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    A 4K poster tho
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    @1989 i wonder how you'd like a user called 1988 to act like you and copy your style.
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    @1988 out of curiosity if the user exists 🤔
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    I love these bad knockoffs haha. They try so so hard to pretend but it's still so obvious.

    My favorite one still has to be Sherple (Sharpie).

    Edit: can't seem to attach the image 😕
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