My office for the past month. That's a battery powered by a solar panel, which powers my satellite internet and laptop

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    Amazing ! I really want to take my remote working to the next level now..
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    @AlexDeLarge northern Ontario Canada, 30 minutes drive down a country road from any city, and that city has a population of about 2,000 people

    it's beautiful here in the summer

    This lake gets 0 boat traffic during the weekdays, pure peace and quiet

    it's been a productive month for sure
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    @rant1ng Let's say you see a random stranger with an abnormal fair complexion running towards this lovely house, would you let him in?
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    Very nice. I'd love to have that someday.
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    @rant1ng do you live in Ontario? (I feel like I have asked you this already)

    Also, are you north enough to get french speaking people?
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    People in Toronto will say "yeah I'm going north, I'm going to Barrie" or whatever

    but that's still 7.5 hour drive away from here

    this is about as north as you can go, other than hudson bay

    yes, lots of french people, moi aussi

    I grew up here. It's charming.
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    Looks amazing I would be so much more productive with so fewer distractions like people. Lucky bugger!
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    @rant1ng nice.

    I'm in London. So for me, barrie is north haha
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    So nice. But uuuggghhh how do you deal with the satellite internet it’s so bad
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    You should check out mosh. It keeps remote connections alive and make slow connections feel fastest in the terminal. I'm thinking if you're that far off the grid your internet's probably not Super fast :)
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    @codenameszjames @jeeper

    Yeah, actually my satellite is 8.3 mbps on speedtest :D

    However, for some reason, the terminal lag is so fucking bad, drives me batshit crazy sometimes

    that's for another rant
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    Damn I love this photo!!!
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    @rant1ng see when I had sat internet for half a second, the latency was so bad I couldn’t get a speed test to load. So no idea how it would be. I can never live out like that, my fiancée likes to stream too much.
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    @rant1ng yes mosh will take care of most of the latency.
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    Wow that's really nice! Curious on how large the solar panel is to power just that?
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    36 inches by 42 inches

    for some reason there's an american tape measure here

    anyway, the battery isn't always quite enough, so sometimes I have to turn on a gas powered electrical generator

    Like, out here, there's no power lines, no nothing, it's in the middle of nowhere

    but I have a shower, sauna, fireplace, modern kitchen, hot/cold water etc everything you need :)

    every afternoon at around 2pm I swim like 2k, take a hot sauna, relax, eat bbq dinner, then go back to working then watch tv and go to bed

    come out here every summer or whenever I need to get serious work done

    it's the only way to work on big projects, no distractions, eat well, exercise, sleep well, and just get it done.
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    @rant1ng did you build it or have it built or buy it?
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    Lucky bastard
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