i was talking with a senior developer and...

...i realized...

...every single thing you people trashtalked against java, was a delusional lie.

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    Lol man, good thing you checked!

    Pro tip: Be skeptic about everything people say on the internet, then extend it to real life 👌
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    Every language is there because all other languages suck in some way.
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    Pro Tip: Be skeptical of people.
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    @AlexDeLarge why are ebay and amazon websites, just to name a few, even up to this day, built and running with java, if java sucks so much?
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    @SukMikeHok because PHP would have sucked more, and they couldn't get enough Fortran programmers to get traction.
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    @SukMikeHok because long ago java wasn’t the worst choice. Now it’s bad in comparison.
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    To be fair though, there is bitching aimed at every single language out there. Even langs that are widely loved get a fair amount of shit.
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    @bkwilliams Pro tip:

    B e s k e p t i c a l
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    It always depends on your usecase and style preferences.
    For me, java just seems unnecessary complicated and long sometimes. And I don't like the way the classes interact with one another but that is all my personal opinion and preference. You do you. If you enjoy it, great.
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    Assembler for life !
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    Larry Wall called Java today's COBOL. 😁
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    No you didn’t.

    It doesn’t matter either,since my dad can beat up your dad
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    What do you mean with the way the classes interact with one another?
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    @MarioC I hate that one has to use the "." operator to access something from another class. To be honest Object orientation in general is not my thing.
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    No u
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    @hasu I just finished up a whole ETL where I wasn’t guaranteed to have all the objects created, so I had to liberally use safe navigation (?.) pretty much past the parent object.
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